Marijuana investors look forward to cannabis legalization on Canada Day in 2018

Historic Alliance On Track for Canada Day Ribbon Cutting

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The tough spade work, the foundation-laying, the time-consuming commitment to framing something stout and invigorating — all of that marked the singular collaboration between communities, regulators and lawmakers, and cannabis industry stakeholders during 2017. The challenging toil continues through 2018, but it also comes with hope for Canada’s first harvest of legal recreational marijuana. This is Canada’s year to show the world how to build a vibrant new industry.

The loose coalition has now devoted close to a year to crafting a sensible and sturdy regulatory framework for cultivating, manufacturing, distributing and selling cannabis across Canada. Truly, the hard work began during 2016, when it became clear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supported legalization and would commit political capital towards making it happen.

This extraordinary partnership has proven strikingly rewarding. Regulators are receiving input from all points of view, including those of community advocates, academics, scientists and stakeholders, and the painstaking, stone-by-stone construction of a lasting edifice is well on its way.

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Investors in Canada's marijuana industry can consider adding grows to their portfolio

Three Things to Keep in Mind for Investors in Canadian Marijuana

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News coverage about marijuana investing in Canada sometimes suggests the industry is nearing a plateau, and that it already is mature.

Don’t believe it.

Entrepreneurs and investors have been participating in the cannabis industry for a few years in Canada and the United States, but it remains a fledgling industry. We all remain on the ground floor, which can be a good place for investors. Especially if you are investing in marijuana in Canada.

As Canada marches towards full recreational legalization in 2018, the country stands apart for investors. By this time next year, Canada should be the only Western country in the world with recreational legalization in place in all directions, although provinces will likely enact regulations that differ from one another.

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As investors and investments increasingly migrate towards cannabis, people should strongly consider Canada.

Cannabis Investors Should Look to Canada

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The U.S. market for cannabis is booming, holds immense promise for continued expansion but remains saddled with risks. With marijuana illegal under federal law, and the United States’ Attorney General Jeff Sessions continuing to question the wisdom of cannabis legalization — and even hinting at law enforcement crackdowns — investors in U.S. cannabis should be vigilant as they help to build one of the world’s next great industries.

Things are much different in Canada.

While Canada faces challenges covering everything from regulations to supply to manufacturing infrastructure, cannabis entrepreneurs and investors are not proceeding every day with the threat of national or provincial law enforcement professionals hampering business development and investments.

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