Marijuana investors look forward to cannabis legalization on Canada Day in 2018

Historic Alliance On Track for Canada Day Ribbon Cutting

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The tough spade work, the foundation-laying, the time-consuming commitment to framing something stout and invigorating — all of that marked the singular collaboration between communities, regulators and lawmakers, and cannabis industry stakeholders during 2017. The challenging toil continues through 2018, but it also comes with hope for Canada’s first harvest of legal recreational marijuana. This is Canada’s year to show the world how to build a vibrant new industry.

The loose coalition has now devoted close to a year to crafting a sensible and sturdy regulatory framework for cultivating, manufacturing, distributing and selling cannabis across Canada. Truly, the hard work began during 2016, when it became clear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supported legalization and would commit political capital towards making it happen.

This extraordinary partnership has proven strikingly rewarding. Regulators are receiving input from all points of view, including those of community advocates, academics, scientists and stakeholders, and the painstaking, stone-by-stone construction of a lasting edifice is well on its way.

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Cannabis Categories Suggest Marketplace Expansion

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Data from the United States about the THC pills marketplace shows new consumers are entering the cannabis market, which is useful news for investors in marijuana

Speculation among investors about the potential size of the recreational cannabis market in Canada runs the gamut from wild-eyed to dour, with plenty of room in between.

Dour probably misses the mark. Wild-eyed is highly discouraged. But the continuum of commercial possibility for investors in Canada next year looks potentially solid, based on trends in the United States.

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Marijuana Investors’ Guide to Canada Cannabis Regulations

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As Canada moves closer to introducing legal recreational cannabis, investors in marijuana begin to see the outlines of regulations within the provinces


With just months to go until recreational marijuana sales are scheduled to be legal across Canada (on Nov. 29 the House of Commons passed Bill C-45, which legalizes cannabis; now the Senate must pass the bill before it becomes law in July) regulators are beginning to shape how commercial cannabis will look in their provinces. While cannabis will be legal in every province, the rules surrounding cannabis will vary from province to province. As we march towards legalization, we all should play close attention to how regulations are firming up in the provinces. For investors in marijuana, the shape and scope of the provincial regulations will be paramount.

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Ontario Heads in Smart Direction

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Ontario has issued its plans for how to implement cannabis legalization once it becomes national law, and we believe there is much to champion in the province’s approach towards building a smart regulatory framework that benefits consumers, businesses and government.

As owners of cannabis grow facilities in different provinces, we are eager to begin working with regulatory bodies as they begin drafting rules. We of course fully embrace rules that provide wide latitude to consumers and businesses, but we also endorse a framework that offers clear and sturdy structure to the ways in which we conduct business, shop and consume. Ontario’s efforts reflect a legacy of hard work on the part of provincial staff and quite a bit of regulatory savvy.

This has been a long time coming.

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